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ESWC : Pentagram Wins
Postée par raven le lundi 09 juillet 2007 à 00:00

The new edition of one of the most recognized global esports events going under the name Electronic Sports World Cup or ESWC in short is scheduled to kick off this Thursday and provide gamers with ultimate challenge as well as much excitement to the spectators watching the action live on the event and the ones watching through various online coverages. The tournament is taking place in Paris, France and it will be home for 750 gamers from 51 countries in the following days. The Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament has a total prizemoney of $76,000 split for the top three teams like this:

1st $40,000
2nd $24,000
3rd $12,000

Compared to other tournaments the ESWC is using a Double-Groupstage with a Single Elimination followed to determine the tournament winner. Starting out with 8 groups and 6 teams each where the two first placed advance to the next stage which is the second groupstage with 4 groups and 4 teams each. Again only the top two placed teams of each group advance to the Single Elimination but the matches will be played in a Best-of-Three mode then. This means the first team to win two maps is victorious and advances.

With so many groups and matches, the first groupstage will be played on two days with groups A, B, C and D being played on Thursday, 5th July 2007 and groups E, F, G and H being played on Friday, 6th July 2007. Below you can see all groups and matches, media information will be added as soon as its available.